Now that we have all been spending more time at home due to the Covid-19 social restrictions we have discovered the areas in our homes that have been neglected in our busy times. We have come to realise how important our homes are for our well being and how critical it is to put time, energy and money into spaces that work for us.

Do you feel frustrated through lack of space?

Do you have conflicts within your home office?

Is it hard to switch off after work hours or maintain a balance between office and home time?

How about connection to the outdoors- do you get enough within your indoor space....

These quick tips will start you off reducing your frustration

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By Serena K Agius

May 18 2020

7 ways to Avoid Costly Renovation Disasters                                          

Once you have made the decision that you are going to stay with your existing property and change it to suit your needs, it is important to understand that getting this done is an intricate process. In this blog I give you some pointers about the things to look out for in your renovation. With a bit of understanding of the process and trust in your professionals you can have a great fun project.

1. You will likely have to engage many professionals in different parts of your renovation. This may include architects & interior designers, certifiers, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects and perhaps more. The stages of a building project fall into 5 categories. 


It's important these steps are followed in this order. If you avoid a stage you could end up with big problems, "a dog's breakfast" or something that doesn't suit your needs. Read more.....

By Serena K Agius

5th November 2019

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Do you feel frustrated that the lighting in your home lacks atmosphere? Do you put up with daily discomfort and irritation because the lighting around your home is too glarey or inadequate? Does it disappoint you that customers come into your store, make a bee-line for product on the shelves and march right out without lingering to browse? This blog offer some interesting insights to lighting arrangement. We hope you enjoy it.

Have you completed a new build or renovation recently or are you about to.  Thinking that you had the lighting covered by those constructing your home and still don’t understand why creative lighting hasn’t been achieved, your lighting plan is Read more ....

By Serena K Agius

July 30th 2019

Do you need an extra bedroom or additional bathroom and don’t know where to find the space?


Are you fed up that the layout of your home that doesn’t reflect the way you live today?


Do your furnishings enhance the features of your property or detract from your living enjoyment?

Deciding whether to move or renovate is difficult decision. Many people try to do this by feel so that it takes them years. What to 'DO' with your home requires information and action.

Information about real building costs, the potential of your property and whether your renovation will mean you have to move out is very valuable.  Read more ....

By Serena K Agius

4th June 2019

By Serena K Agius
April 30, 2019

Welcome to our second blog. Many people have trouble choosing colours or are afraid of using colour because they don’t understand it. Even for artists and designers the study of colour can take months or a lifetime. Here are a few guidelines to help you when choosing colours for your space.  Read more ...

By Serena K Agius
April 3, 2019

Welcome to our first blog. We hope you find our blogs useful.

Buying furniture that you feel confident is right for your space can be challenging. Rarely do you find yourself with acres of space to furnish as in the glossy magazines where you look for inspiration.


Often you are renovating an existing space or your new home isn't as large in reality as you imagined from the plans. How do you make sure that the furniture you purchase BEFORE you move in.... Read more ...

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