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Current Trends in Design

The theme that summarises all the current trends for 2023 is EARTH.

Multiple aspects come to mind when we look at this year’s current design inspiration. Concepts include Biophilia, sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Biophilia is a major motivation in design this year. The merging of the interior with the exterior and the way in which we blur the lines of indoor and outdoor spaces through open plan design and natural materials.

Natural materials of Timber & Jute can be seen in our Middle Cove project

by Agius Colour Interior Designs

Considered furniture has seen a rise with quality over quantity being pursued. People are saying no to fast furniture and are opting for bespoke, artisan pieces, in turn reducing waste.

The Malki Dining Table from Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture

Upcycling and the reuse of furniture are in, as they should always be, whether this is second-hand from a vintage store, flea market or even an heirloom. Some of the best expressive pieces are reclaimed, restored, and deserve to be preserved.

People are seeking form through organic materials and shapes such as hand-formed ceramics (clay) in finishes such as tiles and artworks (sculpture), hand-blown glass accessories in lighting and Murano glass décor and curved or wave shapes in furniture. Even building design is rejecting straight walls and sharp junctions where walls meet the ceiling.

Pyrmont Project by Agius Colour Interior Designs - Organic Pendants from Lighting Republic

Texturally inspired natural materials such as paper, fibre embellished, or fabric finishes on furnishings and accessories are popular and can be seen in some of this year’s best designs. While grasscloth wallpapers and linen furnishings have been popular for a while, their popularity and extent are increasing along with paper and freeform pendants.

Kanso Stonewash Linen fabric by Mokum from James Dunlop Textiles

Botanical motifs are making a comeback, as seen with Catherine Martin’s fabric and wallpaper collection from Mokum.

Palm Springs fabric by Catherine Martin from Mokum

The tranquillity of down-to-earth colour palettes of creamier warm whites, tones of browns and taupes, reds and pinks, greens and ocean blue hues are prevalent in this year’s designs.

Agius Colour Interior Designs Middle Cove project with ocean hue tiling

Cool metal finishes are making a comeback for fixtures and hardware. Brass and gold have dominated the design world over the past few years. However, the timeless elegance of silver (nickel, stainless steel and aluminium) and iron accents can’t be beaten.

Opal Pull Out Sink Mixer by Nero

Warm and refined brutalism can be seen in both raw and polished concrete floors, as well as micro-toppings. Micro-toppings have made a splash this year due to their unparalleled sophistication, exhibiting nuanced movement and texture similar to Venetian plaster but much more durable.

Rasico Micro-topping from Hychem

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