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Colour & Materiality in Design

In Design, style can often be challenging & may become overwhelming when it comes to colour palette and materiality. There is such a large range and so many options to choose from.

When it comes to the way we design at Agius Colour Interior Designs, we find that taking inspiration from our surroundings, informs well on colour harmony. Whether it’s in nature, or the built environment, the elements unique to your location. We also take cues from our clients' personal style and loved objects to determine our design direction.

Our Noosa Project, which is in its final stages, fronts the inlet. Our colour and materiality palette celebrates this.

  • The client prefers a highly tailored look, yet, being in Noosa, appreciated our guidance for a more relaxed feel in furnishings.

  • You can see the tones of the blue ocean reflected in the rug & Paola Lenti side table in the living area. The terrace rug and the stunning ombre Oasis sheer curtains in the main bedroom also carry blue and muted green tones.

  • The dark greens and timber that pay homage to the trees can be seen in the DeDeCe armchair and coffee table in the media room. The dining chairs and table in the internal area and the outdoor setting on the terrace also pick up on this theme.

  • We introduced pops of yellow for the sun and the sand, highlighted in the sofa elements in the media room & the Lever side table in the living area.

This project in Middle Cove backs onto bushland, between spurs where the harbour runs in. Here we have taken elements of nature from the property’s location. The client comes from eastern European heritage and preferred a down-to-earth, eclectic style.

  • Our materiality palette incorporated custom entertainment joinery with Eucalyptus green panelling in the living area, laser cut Jarrah wood screens in the entry, as well as a stunning large scale leaf mural to dress the wall in the dining area. Sophisticated yet understated.

In our Pyrmont 1 project below, currently in its design stage, one of our prerequisites was to lighten the kitchen. To do this, we selected a light nuanced and neutral palette to suit the environment and the client's personal taste.

  • Here we are playing with different shapes, lines, and curves. We opted to bring in a hue of blue to emulate the vista to the Harbour.

  • When a tonal palette is preferable, we seek layered textures and patterns to create interest.

If you would like help with colour & texture to complete your renovation, please feel free to give us a call or use the contact form below.

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