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How to Create Your Perfect Bathroom

Vanity Placement

Vanity and mirror placement can have a huge impact on your bathroom.

  • Many finish options are available to play with, allowing a statement piece to be created. The reflection of a mirror above also creates a larger sense of scale.

  • We recommend placing your vanity opposite the door, therefore, as soon as the door is opened a beautiful statement piece is in direct view and the room feels larger due to the mirror’s reflection.

Picture: The Palmerston Project – ABI Interiors

Lighting Concealment

Lighting is very important, especially in a bathroom, and highlighting is always desirable.

  • When designing lighting make sure to conceal your strip lighting, transformers and cables. Whether that be behind the mirror, in a niche or under a vanity.

Picture: Milsons Point Project by Agius Colour Interior Designs

Choosing Tapware

The range of coloured tapware on the market has never been better. The variety of colours available makes it easy to create a beautiful bathroom. However, be aware of the many different application processes out there. This can determine how long your tapware will retain its original condition.

We recommend steering clear of any powder-coated options, as they tend to wear and scratch very easily.

Below are a few alternative options that we like to use in our projects.

  • Zirnium DMF (Direct Molecular fusion) is a brand new technology where metal particles are vaporised and infused into the substrate and Switzrok (utilizes Swiss technology and eco powders that are melted and cured. These are by Faucet Strommen and backed by a 40 year finish warranty.

Picture: Faucet Strommen – Switzrok Matte Black

  • LUXPVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) from Sussex is another great alternative. This technology creates a vacuum where metal vapour is transferred at an atomic level onto an electrically conducted component. These are much more durable and coherent coatings.

Picture: Sussex LUXPVD Range

  • Astra Walker also use PVD, as well as electroplating. Electroplating essentially utilizes electrical energy to apply the metal finish to another metal layer.

  • A beautiful and natural option is organic Brass which naturally patinas over time. These can be found at Faucet Strommen and Astra Walker - "A Live Finish".

Picture: Astra Walker – Natural Brass Finish


There are a huge range of basins out there, from porcelain, and stone to concrete and metal; top mounted and semi-recessed to inset and CorianTM wash planes.

  • When planning, keep in mind the conditions you’re designing for. The situation can determine which basins may be suitable.

Picture: Mosman Project by Agius Colour Interior Designs

Frameless Glass Shower Screens

Frameless glass is a great modern and seamless option for a shower screen.

  • One very important thing to remember when designing and installing frameless glass is that it requires a small channel (set down) in the floor and wall to hold the glass. Make sure when screeding to create a setdown to allow for this.

Picture: The Designory photographed by Andy Macpherson

Avoid the view to the Toilet

No one wants to see the toilet; however, it is a necessity.

  • When designing your bathroom, aim to design the bathroom so that the toilet is not the first thing you view as the door is opened. Whether that is to conceal the toilet alongside the vanity, or behind the door is up to you and the configuration parameters of your bathroom.

Picture: Latitude 37’s Beaumaris Display

Seamless Toilets

  • In-wall toilet cisterns are usually the way to go for a seamless aesthetic. An easy function to overlook when installing in-wall toilet cisterns is where to put the flush mount. Make sure to place the flush mount above the opened toilet seat as to avoid conflict.

  • In-wall cisterns are not always possible or necessary. Another sleek alternative is under-counter cisterns, which are also great for smaller spaces.

Picture: King Street Wharf Project by Agius Colour Interior Designs,

photographed by Ariel Lee-Kollmann


If you would like some help working out how to complete your home renovations, use the contact form or give us a call.

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