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Now that we have all spent much more time at home due to the Covid-19 social restrictions, we have discovered the areas in our homes that have been neglected because life was so busy, often getting the better of us. We have come to realise that our homes are very important for our well being. Having well a organsied, calming nest is now critical- we are more willing than ever before to put time, energy and effort into making our work spaces for us.

Do you feel frustrated through lack of space?

Do you have conflicts within your home because you are working during the day?

Is it hard to switch off after work hours or maintain a balance between office and home time?

How about connection to the outdoors- do you get enough within your indoor space....

These quick tips will start you off reducing your stress and frustration.

1. Working from Home:

  • Use moveable  lightweight screens or furniture such as desks, planters and low cabinets to demark your working space.

  • Use head phones if noise from family members or housemates is a problem.

  • Make sure your ergonomics are set up properly? Is your desk at waist height or your computer positioned so that your arms are level and you look slightly downwards at your screen. For prolonged sitting posture you must keep your neck straight, your back supported and feet flat on the floor? If that's not working Invest in a well supporting, adjustable chair and a foot rest for your feet, ( or buy a new desk!!).

Office outlook&greenery_michael-descharl
Couple Having Breakfast

2. Reduce Tension:

  • Working from home with a peaceful outlook really helps concentration & reduce tension.

  • This is done by introducing green living things with a few palms and smaller pots dotted around or cascading shelving with indoor plants if you haven't got access to a green garden from your office space .

  • Images around you to rest the eyes and are important for the imagination because of the lack of social contact. Many framing places keep interesting prints. Many galleries are desperate for custom- although their doors may closed, they are open for business via phone, websites and by appointment. It's worth going to the effort beyond the local furniture store to find art work & images that lift your interior decorating style.


3. Colour Trends:

  • It's time to consider painting,wall papering or organising that room (maybe it's the junk room) that's been needing attention. There's loads of information and products available for decluttering. Dulux or Wattyl websites offer lots of inspiration on colour schemes. Be brave, you won't be sorry and everyone who comes into your home will be enthralled if you make an interesting choice.

  • White on white is in vogue and allows you to make a statement where it's needed in coloured furnishings or wallpaper. We have been seeing colour trends that are down to earth, in greens and rusts or mellow blues mixed with pale greens since late 2018. Nordic influence is also apparent in colour trends with light timber, pastels and fun polka dots or small prints in decorating. Select room colours carefully- see my Interior Colour blog here.

Wave wall papered WC.jpg

4. Creating a nest in preparation for winter.

  • Have you moved in the last 5 years, brought furniture with you that is too small or too large for your current place?

  • Consider furniture swaps on community websites or with friends.

  • There are lots of good bargains available now in home throws, cushions, rugs and bedding.  

  • Suppliers are all still available and love you to visit their websites. Retail & designer furnishing showrooms are beginning to open up and are really worth a visit.

  • We can help you find what you’re looking for with references regarding quality.


5. Time to de-clutter, tidy up and clean:

  • Remember the rule, if you haven't used it in the last 5 years because your family and life has moved on- get rid of it or put it in storage for a keepsake. Over 5-7 years we grow and change as people so our spaces should change with us to reflect this. Don't confuse your valuable living and daily to monthly storage space with where your life was 10 or more years ago.

  • Decide what you need in the way of storage- wall mounted and open for smaller apartments or small homes, For larger homes custom made can often be the way to go. Small cabinets for terrace homes and to fill awkward spaces with lots of corners.

  • Designers are great at identifying unused, un-thought of storage options.

  • If your home or office space doesn't keep pace with & reflect your self image  frustration, unhappiness or lost revenue may be the result.

Have a look at other responses to our work here on Testimonials. The world has been changing in response to the pandemic. We will probably find that a return to a more considered way of living and authentic relationships is in high demand. Adjusting our living & working spaces will be part of that. If you would like any more information on the topics raised here put your details into our contact form and let us know how we can help you.  No matter the scale, we’ll take a look. There is more information on the Services page.

We'd love to hear your comments about this blog post and if you've put any of these tips into action.


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